AHF Pharmacy Bronx Customer

“I was so happy with the service I received at your new pharmacy at 655 Morris Avenue that I felt compelled to write a physical letter. The team of both Ami and Kaileena are great!!! I'm so happy to welcome them to my neighborhood to provide so much needed services. Another pharmacy tried to stiff me on not giving me all the pills required for my medication. Ami alerted me and fought with my health insurance company to make sure I got the rest of my pills through their pharmacy. She also fought for me to get a blood pressure cuff when my health insurance refused to provide one for over an entire year of requests. Ms. Kaileena was very friendly and big on following up contact to make sure I was aware my medication was ready for pick up. They make a perfect team of quality service. Both were very genuine and cared about not only my health, but to make sure I understood how to get better with the tools they provided. I hope they both are commended for their efforts.